Arizona Title 4 Off Premise Course

Arizona Liquor

This course is for anyone working in an establishment where alcohol is sold "to go" and be consumed off the premise of sale. This includes:

  • Liquor stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores

Follow These Simple Steps to Earn your Certification

Computer Screen
  • Click the red "Off-Premise Manager" button above to sign up for the class
  • To purchase the Arizona Title 4 Manager Off Premise Course for $35.00, click "Checkout and Proceed"
  • Complete the guided study program at your convenience
  • Print your permanent certification immediately
  • No need to to wait for a certificate through the mail
  • We report completions to the Department of Liquor License and Control on a weekly basis
  • The Arizona DLLC then enters your information into their system

Sometimes employees of these stores will encounter various alcohol-related issues. It is important for them to know how to deal with these issues before they arise, and hopefully, prevent them from happening. Some of the goals and objectives of this course are educating sellers of alcohol to be responsible by:

  • Understanding state and local laws regarding alcohol service
  • Recognizing when a customer is intoxicated
  • Stopping underage drinking and sales by learning how to check IDs accurately and recognize minors
  • Preventing second-party sales and loitering

Even though the certification is not mandatory in Arizona, a lot of store owners will require their employees to have it, as it may help reduce the cost of liquor-liability insurance. And, there is a good chance you would be hired before the person who doesn't have the certification!

The Off-premise course is approximately 4 hours long. After you successfully complete the course, you will be able to print your certificate immediately. It is valid for 3 years. As a store employee who sells alcohol, it is important that you learn how to prevent yourself and your establishment from liability!

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