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The Illinois BASSET (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training) program is important to bartenders, servers, bar backs and managers, aimed at helping them to serve customers in a responsible way and keep drunk drivers off of roads and highways. Because this is an important goal within the state, many cities and employers are now requiring all employees to be BASSET-certified before they can begin working.

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Luckily, you don't have to spend days in the classroom, or pay lots of money, to get your Illinois alcohol BASSET training. With our Internet-only class, you just log on for training anywhere that you have an Internet connection, complete a short course and online exam, and then print out a certificate that proves you are ready to work. That means no waiting, no big fees, and no inconvenient days spent in the classroom.

Our online Basset training course has been approved in Illinois by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and fully complies with their requirements. Our Basset License is #03-5A-0054285.

Follow these easy steps below to take your training at the reduced price of $14.95.

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  • Click the red "On-Premise Basset" button above to sign up for the class
  • To purchase the Basset On Premise Course for $14.95, click "Checkout and Proceed"
  • Complete the guided study program at your convenience
  • Finish your exam and print your completion certificate (and get an official copy in the mail in 3-5 days)

Who Should Be Certified for the On Premise Course?

  • Bartenders
  • Bar Backs
  • Servers
  • Managers
  • Liquor Store Clerks must take the Off Premise Course
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Any restaurant, bar, or hotel employee who serves alcohol (like servers, bartenders, and managers, for example) should think about taking Illinois alcohol training.

We also have an online course available for people who work in off-premise retail establishments like grocery stores, liquor stores, and convenience stores.

It's never been easier or faster to get BASSET-certified for Illinois alcohol service, so get started with our affordable Internet course now!

Our course is 100% online, fast, secure and 24 hour telephone support is available if needed.

Reasons to Take an Internet BASSET Training Class With Us

  • Using our Illinois alcohol BASSET training course, you only need an Internet connection to complete the class and exam – no traveling required
  • Most people complete our class over the Internet in less than half a day
  • Technical support is available over the phone 24 hours a day, in case you have any problems with our website during your training program
  • Our Internet class makes BASSET certification easy to get, and easy to pay for
  • Following the completion of your exam, you'll have the option of printing your certification form immediately for employers

Enroll Now in our Basset On Premise Online Course

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If you are ready to get a new job in a restaurant, hotel, or bar in Illinois, and want to protect yourself from lawsuits and legal troubles, registering for our convenient and affordable Internet BASSET training class could be the perfect answer.

Becoming certified is easier than ever; you just have to:

  • Click above to register for Illinois alcohol "On Premise Basset" training online
  • To purchase the Basset On Premise Course for $14.95, click "Checkout and Proceed"
  • Complete your class whenever it's convenient
  • Pass your BASSET exam, print your completion certificate, and get a backup copy in the mail 3 to 5 days later

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